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Savings co-op loses first of the forex loan cases

The Budapest Court threw out the first of many forex loan cases on Friday In the first hearing of a foreign-exchange (FX) loan case since the passage of the controversial debt relief law in July, a Budapest court ruled last Friday that unilateral modifications to loan agreements are illegal.  The trial of the case brought by […]


Swedish paper accuses EU of betraying democracy in Hungary

Translation of the op-ed piece EU sviker demokratin i Ungern (EU betraying democracy in Hungary) appearing in August 24, 2014 edition of the Swedish daily Götebourgs-Posten. For example, on that hot July day in 2013 when the Parliament considered the resolution based on a report from the Portuguese representative Rui Tavares; a report that was a scathing […]

Lajos Bokros on Viktor Orban, democracy, civil society and Budapest

“We want to preserve Budapest as a potential starting point for rebuilding democracy in Hungary . . . If you ever want to restore democracy you need to have an independent market economy and an autonomous civil society.” -  Lajos Bokros, MOMA chairman and candidate for Budapest mayor The Budapest Beacon recently spoke with Movement for […]


Hungarian sociologists’ study on corruption voted best in world

There is an old Hungarian saying that “if you don’t know who is going to win the tender, then it isn’t you”, and according to an award-winning corruption study by Hungarian sociologists this is truer than ever. The report by István Jávor and Dávid Jancsics and its exploration of “technicization” has earned them plaudits from […]


Viktor Orban reacts to international criticism at pan-European Picnic commemoration

Viktor Orbán speaking at the pan-European Picnic event in Fertőrákos Memorial Park Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reacted to international criticism of his “illiberal democracy” speech for the first time in a talk in Sopron on August 19, the 25th anniversary event of the opening of the Iron Curtain by Hungary. Orbán appeared to be carefully avoiding the term […]