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Gyorgy Magyar on the complete dismantling of the rule of law in Hungary

“What is unlawful cannot be made lawful through the crafting of legislation. . . . What we’re seeing is the complete dismantling of the rule of law in Hungary. It’s undeniable that this process is already under way. The fact that there are no procedural control mechanisms is a clear sign that the process itself […]


Hungary Initiatives Foundation generously underwrites US websites

The Budapest Beacon reported in June that US-based Hungary Initiatives Foundation had distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various US-based organizations, much of it in the months leading up to the Hungarian general election of April 6, including USD 104,391 (HUF 23.5 million) worth of “website” grants. As of the end of May 2014 the Foundation, which is owned by the Hungarian […]


MNB to spend HUF 200 billion teaching Matolcsy’s unorthodox economic theories

The Hungarian National Bank (MNB) has awarded five of its own foundations HUF 200 billion (USD 837 million) to develop the teaching of what MNB Governor György Matolcsy calls its “unorthodox” methods and ideas. The sum represents 30% more than Hungary’s annual expenditure on higher education. While the annual state budget for higher education is […]


Norway EU minister dismayed by EU inaction on Orban gov’t

Norway’s minister for European affairs Vidar Helgesen has become the third Europe minister in as many weeks to call for action against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s self-proclaimed “illiberal” government. On the heels of criticism from his opposite numbers in Sweden and Germany, as well as the international press, Helgesen notes in a letter to The […]