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Viktor Orban: “The era of liberal democracies is over”

  Hungary PM Viktor Orbán addressed Fidesz supporters in the Romanian spa town of Baile Tusnad on Saturday. In a speech to Fidesz supporters in Romania on Saturday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said “the era of liberal democracies is over”, and announced the formation of a parliamentary committee for the continuous monitoring of “foreigners who try to […]


Hungary’s hidden state debt: Unpaid doctors, hospital suppliers

Hungary’s hidden state debt: Unpaid doctors, suppliers, service providers “Many hospitals are not able to pay for bandages, equipment, medical supplies and even electricity. In some cases hospitals have been threatened with having their electricity and gas cut off, and it has become commonplace for health-care companies to only deliver those medical supplies for which […]


EU farming subsidies to hit oligarchs where it hurts

A radical reform of Hungary’s agricultural subsidy allocation system will cost Fidesz-linked oligarchs billions of forints over the next seven years, as more EU money is directed to smaller farmers. The sums involved are enormous – EUR 12.3 billion, or eight M4 metro lines – and the government’s scrapping of subsidy payments for farms of […]

Kormányszóvivői sajtótájékoztató a felsőoktatási keretszámokkal kapcsolatos kormányzati döntésről.

Its powers vastly expanded, the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary is moving to the Castle District

The Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary will move to the Castle District by the middle of March 2016, according to Friday’s official gazette.  Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suggested at the beginning of June that in the interest of decentralizing the national government geographically certain ministries might move to the countryside.  It was suggsted […]


Hungary MEP Benedek Javor goes to EC over Paks nuclear deal

Together-Dialogue for Hungary MEP Benedek Jávor has asked the European Commission (EC) to investigate the ‘Paks II’ nuclear power plant expansion deal that the government and Russian contractor Rosatom signed without a public procurement process in January. Jávor questions the existence of a government impact study on the construction of the two blocks at Paks, […]