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How Hungarians celebrate Holy Week

Established by the First Council of Nicea in 325, the holiday of Easter is referred to as a moveable feast in that it is not to a calendar date, instead taking place on the first Sunday after the full moon following the March equinox. It is for this reason that Easter takes place between 22 […]


Hungarian central bank governor Gyorgy Matolcsy goes on spending spree

Hungarian central bank governor Gyorgy Matolcsy:  What isn’t forbidden is allowed (Editor’s note: We considered entitling this article “The inmates are running the asylum” but decided against it lest we give the criminally insane or their minders cause for offense by comparing them to Hungarian central bank governor Matolcsy Gyorgy and his handlers). The Hungarian […]


Hungarian Holocaust remembrance day: Viktor Orban’s letter to Mazsihisz president Andras Heisler

Hungarian Holocaust remembrance day 2014: Protestors dismantling a fence around the construction site of a controversial memorial to the victims of the German invasion of 19 March 1944. Andras Heisler, president of the Alliance of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) received a letter today from Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the occasion of Hungary’s national day of […]


Hungary’s liberal establishment on the general election of 2014

Hungarian weekly 168 ora invited intellectuals, economists, artists, and professionals from all walks of life to share their thoughts on the recent Hungarian general election. Gyorgy Gabor - Philosopher of Religion The worst possible message was sent by only allowing the left to be represented in parliament by the same people who have twice failed. Analysts […]