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Rewriting the history of the Hungarian Holocaust

Hungarian Holocaust survivors and other protestors demolish a fence at the site where the nationalist conservative government of Viktor Orban is erecting a controversial memorial to the victims of the German invasion of 19 March 1944 in the heart of Budapest. What is happening today with regard to the German invasion of Hungary of 19 March […]


Mesterhazy tells press “Hungarian Socialist Party in need of fundamental changes”

Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) chairman Attila Mesterhazy says MSZP in need of “fundamental changes”. At a press conference held Saturday afternoon following a meeting of the Hungarian Socialist Party’s election committee, MSZP chairman Attila Mesterhazy said the party needed to make fundamental changes and that a party congress would be held after municipal elections in […]


With 99.99% of vote counted Fidesz retains two-thirds parliamentary majority

Final results of Hungarian general election 2014. Over the weekend the National Election Institute published the results of votes cast by Hungarian citizens living abroad.  Out of 193,793 ballots received by mail, 128,378 (66%) were declared valid, of which over 95% were for the Fidesz-KDNP alliance. Although this increases Fidesz’s share of total votes cast […]


Minister defiant after EU Court says Hungary must tax homemade spirits

Hungarian Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Sandor Fazekas, told pro-government HirTV on Thursday that the government “will continue to support the practice of making homemade, hand-crafted drinks”. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on Thursday that Hungary has failed to fulfill its obligations as an EU member state with regard to […]