1 in 10 Hungarians have signed Fidesz’s anti-quota petition

December 1, 2015

Viktor Orbán signing his own party's petition opposing the mandatory refugee quota system.
Viktor Orbán signing his own party’s petition opposing the mandatory refugee quota system.

Bence Tuzson, an undersecretary at Hungary’s new propaganda ministry, says between 900,000 and 1,000,000 Hungarians have signed Fidesz’s petition against the EU’s asylum seeker quota system.

Tuzson says the party is asking people to sign because it is important that the entire country gets behind the government. The government can only be effective in its fight against the quota system if it has the support of the people, he says.

Hvg.hu reports that Fidesz received lots of support following the Paris terror attacks. One volunteer told hvg.hu that it wasn’t even necessary to tell people to come sign the petition “against the cannibals”.

Tuzson says it’s a good thing that the European Union decided recently to extend funds to Turkey to deal with the refugee crisis.

The EU will be giving Turkey EUR 3 billion to do so. Hungary will be contributing EUR 18 million to the fund.

Tuzson says the fund for Turkey will not solve the problem and is only a partial solution. The real question, he says, is how to stop the migrants from entering the EU.