“100 thousand against the Internet tax” to receive prestigious award in Strasbourg

October 19, 2015


The organizers of Hungary’s “100 thousand against the Internet tax” campaign will be awarded the Citizens Campaign of the Year at the Second European Democratic Citizenship Awards in Strasbourg this week, reports Hungarian news site 444.hu.

This particular award goes for awareness-raising or advocacy campaigns that have had a real and proven impact on community life or public action and a high potential of driving transformative change

“The 100 thousand against the Internet tax was a campaign launched to prevent the Hungarian government from implementing a proposed internet-tax,” reads a statement on the website of the European Civic Forum. “The 100 000 movement organised the biggest opposition demonstration in the past 25 years in Hungary. [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban’s re-elected government had no other choice but to withdraw their proposal. This was the first and the last time so far for the government that they faced a civil opposition and had to abort completely their plans. The success of the protest sparked further civic protests against the government’s policies throughout the whole Hungarian territory.”

The award will be given on October 22 at the European Council building in Strasbourg.

Last year, Balázs Gulyás, the person responsible for running the Facebook group, told 444.hu that “the demonstration against the internet tax showed everyone that the Orbán government does not represent the majority. Receiving the award would help make it clear to Europe that Hungary is not the same as Viktor Orbán and his politics”.