15 Hungarian surgeons ready to walk out if demands are not met

February 16, 2016


Hungarian news site Index.hu reports that 15 surgeons working at the Aladár Petz County Research Hospital have deposited signed letters of resignation with an attorney. The letters will be submitted if the surgeons’ demands for pay raises are not met by March 31.

According to a statement issued by the surgeons explaining the events leading up to this, in January hospital administrators informed them that meetings about wage increases would not be possible because the hospital is incapable of meeting such demands.

According to the surgeons, the administrators did not find the wage demands to be excessive. The increase in pay would still be much lower than what is paid in the European Union, neighboring countries and even elsewhere in Hungary.

Index reports that this particular incident is not the first time the hospital avoided mass resignation by reaching some compromise with dissatisfied staff.

In the surgeons’ letter they say they have no intention of risking the quality of care for the hospital’s patients.  However, they do want to see an earnest effort on behalf of the hospital to find a solution that works for everybody.

News of a potential mass resignation at the hospital was leaked in mid-January but administrators denied the story. Now that negotiations between the administration and the surgeons have broken down, the surgeons really have submitted letters of resignation to an attorney to hold.

The hospital’s director of medicine says the surgeons want to be paid what their colleagues (who perform similar services) are paid, but if their salaries are increased then so too must the salaries of other doctors at the hospital, and there is simply not enough  money to do so.