Two more ministries to move to Castle District

November 25, 2015


Hungary’s Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of National Economy will be moving to the Castle District, reports Hungarian news site citing state-run media. The decision to move them was published in Tuesday’s Hungarian Gazette (Magyar Közlöny), the official government bulletin.

The interior ministry will move to Országház Street 28-32 and Úri Street 49-51, while the economy ministry will move to Szentháromság tér 6.

The government decree published Tuesday orders Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár to coordinate the transfer of properties with the president of the Hungarian Academy of Science. Minister of National Development Miklós Seszták has been ordered to prepare the interior ministry’s former buildings for sale.

The fate of the buildings vacated by the two ministries has yet to be announced.

The government decree states that the economy ministry’s new location in the Castle District must be restored to its original condition and the Hungarian National Archives (which currently operates there) must move elsewhere.

The second and third Orbán governments have been keen on relocating government ministries to the Castle District from across the Danube River in Pest.  The Prime Minister’s Office, originally scheduled to move to the Castle District the first half of 2016, will move there the following year following the renovation and expansion of the former Carmelite church and monastery at a total cost to Hungarian taxpayers of HUF 26 billion (USD 95.5 million), or roughly USD 10 for every man, woman and child living in Hungary.