3,000 cross Hungarian border unlawfully at weekend

July 14, 2015


Almost three thousand people entered Hungary unlawfully over the weekend, reports Hungary’s state-run media, citing a statement released Monday by the National Police Service.

The National Police Service announced that 901 individuals entering Hungary unlawfully were apprehended on Friday, 1,009 on Saturday and 948 on Sunday.

Two of the nearly 3,000 individuals are being charged with human trafficking, and ten individuals are being charged with possessing falsified official documents.

The majority of those apprehended were caught in southern Hungary’s Csongrád county, said Csongrád police department spokesperson Linda Jászai.

Jászai said 788 people were apprehended in Csongrád county on Sunday, among them 113 children. The largest group apprehended included 44 Afghans, 10 Syrians and 2 Eritreans.

Those nabbed for crossing the border unlawfully will have immigration proceedings started against them.

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