Christmas came early for Századvég

December 25, 2015


Christmas came early for Fidesz’s favorite think-tank, Századvég, landing a no bid HUF 800 million (USD 2.8 million) contract to conduct an EU-wide public opinion poll, reports Hungarian investigative journalism NGO Átlátszó.hu.

On December 15th the Ministry of National Development contracted Századvég to provide “policy research and advisory services” based on a fifteen-minute telephone interview about “current European social and political issues” to be conducted with 1000 people in each of the EU’s 28 Member States at a cost to Hungarian taxpayers of USD 100 per respondent.

Átlátszó.hu reports that the ministry had no intention of awarding the contract to any other firm as no public tender was ever announced.

So what will Századvég be doing?

The Fidesz think-tank will

  • call 1,000 people in each of the EU’s 28 Member States
  • ask their opinions during a fifteen-minute telephone conversation so as to better inform the decisions made by the Hungarian government;
  • create a database of the responses;
  • create spreadsheets and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations of the responses;
  • create country-specific summaries of the responses in Microsoft Word;
  • deliver a presentation to representatives of the government; and,
  • work out a “strategic consultation” for the government based on the responses.