Curia finds private security guards obstructed MSZP politician at National Election Office

March 4, 2016

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Hungary’s highest court, the Curia, ruled on Thursday that muscle-bound private security guards obstructed MSZP politician István Nyakó from submitting his application for a referendum on Sunday store closures.  However, the court failed to determine on the basis of video footage whether they did so intentionally and deliberately.

The Curia determined that the individuals wearing dark caps and jacket prevented the MSZP politician from time stamping his application by one or two seconds.  In doing so, they violated his right to be treated equally.  The court found that the presence of a large number of private security guards in the vestibule of the National Election Office—each with a copy of Mrs. Erdősi’s application—obstructed Nyakó from reaching the time clock but was not able to determine whether the 20 or so muscle-bound individuals accompanying Mrs. Erősi–many with shaved heads–had acted deliberately and intentionally to obstruct Nyakó.

Meanwhile, some 20 separate criminal complaints arrived to the Capital City’s Chief Prosecutor’s office concerning Tuesday’s National Election Office fiasco.  Determining whether or not to open a formal investigation has been assigned to the Budapest Police Magistrate’s Office.   If it decides to open an investigation, then those indicted and convicted for obstructing the electoral process can receive prison sentences of up to three years.