350,000 Hungarians have responded to anti-EU “National Consultation” so far

April 26, 2017

Bence Tuzson, an undersecretary with Hungary’s propaganda ministry, told state-run television that more than 300,000 Hungarians have responded by mail to the government’s “Let’s Stop Brussels” national consultation propaganda campaign, while another 50,000 responded via the National Consultation’s official website (which, for a while, was sending the private data of Hungarian citizens to Russian servers).

According to Tuzson, it is imperative that everyone fill out and send back the national consultation letters they receive in the mail because the only way the government’s policies can be successful is if it bases the policies on the opinion of the people. Citizens have until May 20 to fill out the questionnaire.

The Hungarian government’s “consultations” have been criticized by social scientists and research experts for presenting misleading questions and being “political mobilization concealed as public opinion research.” The “Let’s Stop Brussels!” consultation presents citizens with six questions regarding perceived interference in Hungarian national affairs by the European Union.

In light of Hungary’s anti-EU national consultation, abuses of asylum seekers, crackdowns on NGOs, and efforts to kick Central European University out of the country, the European Parliament will be debating “the situation in Hungary” on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will attend the debate to – as pro-government mouthpiece 888.hu puts it – “speak up in defense of our homeland.”