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40 percent of 5th and 6th year medical students plan to leave Hungary after graduation

Photo: Semmelweis University

Researchers at Semmelweis University’s Institute for Behavioral Sciences recently published the results of a survey in which they asked fifth- and sixth-year medical students from four Hungarian medical schools whether they are planning to leave the country,  reports Népszava.hu.

  • 57.8 percent of respondents replied that they have no intention of leaving the country.
  • 38.1 percent stated they have every intention of leaving.

Two-thirds of those who responded that they would leave the country said the main factors contributing to their decision are the professional conditions, living conditions, and low salaries.

Why this matters

Access to quality health-care remains a pressing issue for many Hungarians, one that the researchers at Semmelweis University’s Institute for Behavioral Sciences suggest will be exacerbated as more young doctors emigrate. Low pay and poor working conditions are prompting more and more young doctors to pursue higher-paying jobs in Northern and Western European countries.

According to Magyar Nemzet, data at the State Health Care Management Center (ÁEEK) show there are severe shortages of specialist doctors at hospitals around the country. The situation is especially acute in hospitals outside Budapest.

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