41.5 percent of Hungarians live on the edge of poverty

April 20, 2016


41.5 percent of Hungarians are living on the edge of poverty according to a study released by Policy Agenda, a political consultancy. The study was sponsored by the Association of Hungarian Unions (MaSzSz) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

According to the study, for the first time in 25 years Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH) will not publish data on how many Hungarians are living on the verge of poverty.

Association of Hungarian Unions president László Kordás says KSH’s decision to abstain from publishing the data is what prompted his organization and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to conduct research into the poverty levels in Hungary.

In 2015, a single person living on the verge of poverty was estimated to earn some HUF 80,016 (USD 320) per month. In a four-person household (with two working adults and two children) the average income for a family considered to be on the poverty line was HUF 255,246 (USD 935).

The full study can be read in Hungarian here.