50,000 students skip school in protest of educational reforms in Hungary

March 1, 2016

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Some 50,000 students across Hungary skipped school on Monday as part of the “Nem leszek suliban” (“I won’t begin school”) campaign, according to Hungarian state media. In a report that aired Monday evening, state television broadcaster M1 ran a 30-second story about the nationwide demonstration.

According to M1, the “Nem leszek suliban” campaign for education reforms was countered by another event, also a Facebook event, called “Suliban leszek” (“I will be in school”).

The Suliban leszek event page was created by a group called “Bojkottáld a liberális médiát” (“Boycott the liberal media”).

“We will not join the opposition’s hysteria. Our kids will be in school!” wrote the Suliban leszek group on its page.

Based on the Facebook feedback for each event, it is clear that more than 35,000 people signaled their support for the education reforms event, while less than 600 signaled their support for the counter event.