65-year-old pianist assaulted over “Soros plan”

November 7, 2017

An anti-Soros poster is seen in Budapest, Hungary, on October 1, 2017. | Photo: Ákos Stiller

Alleged pro-government activists have attacked a 65-year-old blind man on his doorstep after he gave an unfavorable answer about the national consultation on the “Soros plan”, reports index.hu.

Pianist and accordionist Ernő Weszely was assaulted by two elderly women at his home in Budapest’s 3rd district after he told them he had thrown his national consultation form on Soros into the trash. In retaliation, the women, who had introduced themselves by saying that they brought informative material about George Soros and wanted to know whether Weszely had filled out the government questionnaire, started to pull the blind man’s hair and left ear, while shouting about migrants and the border fence, and calling him ungrateful and a “Soros-servant”. The attack was interrupted by a neighbor who heard the shouting, leaned out of the window and asked if they could help. The attackers then fled.

The incident was revealed by Weszely’s daughter, Zsuzsa Weszely, who published an open letter about it on the Reflektor blog. Index.hu contacted her and she told the news site that they had not filed a report to the police, however her father plans to write a letter to Fidesz district Mayor Balázs Bús with whom he has a good relationship.

Index.hu also contacted Ernő Weszely, who said he had not turned to the police because he “didn’t see the point”. Weszely said that whenever he had done so in the past, the police had never settled his case. “In the end it was me who felt bad,” the musician said.

When told that this time the police procedure might have a positive result as there is an eye-witness, Weszely said it is not sure that his neighbor saw the perpetrators. By the time the neighbor had come out of their apartment, the two women had already fled.

Weszely said they only published the open letter to raise awareness of the “shameless things that are happening in the country … Our letter was just a notice so that people wouldn’t go totally mad. I hope that those who are responsible might think about whether they should limit the madness.”

Index.hu contacted the district council’s press department to learn whether the council had been informed about the incident. Press group leader Adrienn Sztamenits replied that they had not heard about it but Mayor Bús would contact the victim. Sztamenits said that so far the council had not received complaints about activists going into district homes to encourage citizens to fill out the national consultation forms.

This incident is yet another example of where the government’s extremely aggressive, dividing and xenophobic propaganda leads.