70 percent of voters who want a change in government say it is possible to defeat Fidesz on April 8

April 3, 2018

There are about 900,000 undecided voters who want a change of government
Photo: MTI

There are approximately 900,000 undecided voters who want a change of government, but even if they all head to the polls on April 8 they will not help any of the opposition parties achieve a decisive victory, at least according to a recent poll conducted by Závecz Research at the behest of daily online index.hu.

According to the poll, 11 percent of the electorate (about 900,000 people) wants a change of government but does not have a party preference. About two-thirds of them are certain or at least likely to vote on April 8. The poll found that these votes would be evenly distributed among main opposition parties Jobbik, the Hungarian Socialist Party-Dialogue (MSZP-P) political alliance, Együtt, Democratic Coalition (DK), Politics Can Be Different, and Momentum, in descending order of likelihood.

According to the poll, both the rate of those who want the Fidesz-Christian Democratic People’s Party government to remain in power and those who want a change of government increased since February, the former from 37 percent to 40, the latter from 43 percent to 46.

Meanwhile, the relative majority of the electorate is still pessimistic about the general election, with 47 percent thinking that Fidesz cannot be defeated on April 8. Those who want a change of government are more optimistic, with 70 percent of them convinced that Fidesz can be voted out.