781 doctors call for government to fix Hungary’s broken health care system

January 4, 2016


Over 780 doctors signed an open letter calling on the government to account for the deplorable state of public health-care and to make public plans to rectify the situation, reports Hungarian news site Index.hu.

Hungarian health-care professionals are fed up with what they consider to be the government’s inadequate response to pressing issues facing the public health-care system. Doctors are calling on the government to organize a roundtable discussion involving a wide range of stakeholders, step up efforts to combat corruption in hospitals, and substantially increase health-care sector wages which are lower than other eastern European countries.

The doctors have also written an open letter to Hungarian citizens asking them to donate 30 seconds of their day to copying, pasting and sending an email to the Ministry of Human Resources in the interest of “moving health-care forward”.

Hungary’s chronically underfunded health-care system was the subject of several peaceful demonstrations in 2015. The nationalization of the system that took place during the second Orbán government failed to either settle mounting hospital arrears or stem the flow of large numbers of health-care professionals and medical technicians to take jobs abroad.  Combined with the reluctance of suppliers and service providers to supply medicine or non-essential services, hospitals are no longer able to properly care for patients.

Mária Sándor, the “nurse in black”, was recently recognized by a number of leading media outlets for calling attention to the deficiencies of Hungarian health-care.