93,197 jobs go unfilled in Hungary in October

November 22, 2016

In October 37,000 jobs were created in Hungary.  And yet 81,000 Hungarians searching for work for over a year remained unemployed, reports napi.hu.

According to statistics published by the National Occupational Service (NFSZ), 277,771 Hungarians failed to find work in October, making it the best October in 10 years in terms of employment levels. However, the daily online notes that “among other things several hundred thousand public workers left the system, even though their ability to live on what they receive for public work has yet to be resolved.”


As before, the key determinant is level of education.  More than half of job seekers (144,442) are unskilled, possessing at most a high school diploma.  By contrast there were fewer than 17,000 university graduates looking for work in October.  33,200 only recently entered the workforce.  81,000 job seekers have been unemployed for at least a year.

49 percent of job seekers in October received no financial support from the state.  141,800 received financial support, of which 60 percent received social support and 40 percent received support for job seekers.

According to NFSZ data, there continues to be a large number of job openings that have not been filled – 93,197 as of the end of October, some 37,000 of which were reported for the first time that month.

Most of the unfilled jobs outside of Budapest are in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Szabolcs-Szatmár counties.


In October 56,3 percent of new jobs involved state supports.

Of the new jobs involving no state support, 22.2 percent were created in central Hungary.

Most of the non-subsidized jobs were in manufacturing and industry.  Over half of the subsidized ones were in the public sector.