Ahmed H. to be represented by former justice minister in appeal

June 9, 2017

Pro-government propaganda outlet Origo.hu reports former Minister of Justice Péter Bárándy (2002-2004) will defend Ahmed H. in a second-level appeals court. Ahmed H. was arrested after the infamous September 2016 Battle at Röszke clash between Hungary’s counter-terrorism units and asylum-seekers. He was convicted on terrorism-related charges by a first-level court in November 2016 and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

International organizations and foreign governments criticised the Hungarian government’s handling of his case. The second-level court will hear the appeal case on July 15. Ahmed H.’s previous attorney, Balázs Sebők, has confirmed that he is no longer involved.

Another pro-government propaganda outlet, Magyar Idők, reports that Bárándy was entrusted with Ahmed H.’s defense at the request of the defendant’s family.

Bárándy’s son, Gergely, is an MP with the Hungarian Socialist Party.