Ákos Hadházy: The election wasn’t fair

April 9, 2018

Ákos Hadházy: The election wasn't fair
Ákos Hadházy

In an interview given to 24.hu after Sunday’s general election, LMP politician Ákos Hadházy told the daily online that the election was not fair.

The election wasn’t fair. It wasn’t an equal fight. Many hundreds of thousands of Hungarians working abroad could only vote with great difficulty which those living just over the border can do with ease. The governing party spent HUF 100 billion (USD 400 million) on propaganda over a period of two years. And with stolen money it bought up so much media that we have reached the point where only government propaganda reaches 60 percent of Hungarians. This poses a serious dilemma for those engaged in opposition politics. If the government says how much government criticism reaches the people, then the opposition is just organic scenery (biodíszlet) if it expresses historically serious criticism. Unfortunately, this is how things stand now. We need to find the form of opposition behavior in which we do not pretend there is a parliament, a government side, and an opposition, but the government side practically cannot be changed.