Alternative Római part plan submitted to Mayor Tarlós

August 22, 2017

An alternative plan for a dam to be built along the bank of the Danube river in Budapest is reportedly on the desk of Budapest Mayor István Tarlós for consideration, and will be made public by Friday, reports Magyar Nemzet

The alternative site of the dam, compiled by a coalition of civil activists, environmentalists, hydrologists and architects, aims to preserve the last-remaining section of natural beach (Római part) on the Danube in Budapest city limits by placing the dam along Nánási út, some 200 meters further inland. Opponents of the current development plans, which would remove some 400 trees from the popular area and place a mobile dam along the river’s edge, have vowed to obstruct construction of this dam, planned to begin this Fall.

According to Mayor Tarlós, the Budapest City Council will make a decision on the matter either on Wednesday or sometime in September. Tarlós added that six plans had already been drawn up by the City in the last four years, each of which favored a path for the dam along the river.

“We are working to avail ourselves of the opportunity personally provided by Mayor István Tarlós regarding the case of the planned mobile dam on the Római part,” writer and environmentalist András Lányi told Magyar Nemzet.