Amnesty International calls on EU to invoke Article 7 against Hungary

October 8, 2015


Hungarian news site reports that Amnesty International has issued a 28-page report criticizing the Hungarian government’s refugee policies. The damning report points out that the government has thus far spent HUF 31 billion (USD 110 million) on border protection, including the construction of a razor-wire fence along its border with Serbia, as a means of keeping out asylum seekers–three times what the government spends on providing asylum to refugees annually.

According to the report, Hungary’s draconian border protection policies constitute a serious violation of international law.

Amnesty International calls on the European Council of Ministers to hold Hungary accountable for violating human rights, and demands Hungary provide safe and legal transit to asylum seekers traveling on foot to safe countries before the winter sets in.

The human rights organization says the razor-wire fence criminalizes those arriving to the country in an unconventional manner, and that by sending these people back to Balkan transit countries, the government is shirking its international responsibilities with regard to the European refugee crisis.

Amnesty International is calling on EU Member States and European Union institutions to pre-empt any further violations of human rights by invoking Article 7, thereby allowing the European Council to strip Hungary of its vote in the EU if it is clear that it is violating the principles of rule of law and respect for human rights.