EC files three lawsuits against Hungary at the EU Court of Justice

European Commission delivers a three punch combination to the Hungarian government.

Benjamin Novak

Former German finance minister, European commissioners ask EC to “suspend all EU funds to Hungary”

In a letter to EC president, the signatories say funds should be cut off until…

Justin Spike

Interior Minister can’t find evidence to support gov’t claims of “Soros network”

No Soros network. No Soros plan. National security agencies looked into it, and found nothing…

Justin Spike

George Soros releases statement refuting Hungarian gov’t claims of “Soros plan”

Soros said the Hungarian government is attempting to stay in power through "hate-mongering and misleading…

Justin Spike

Pro-gov’t media’s Middle East “expert” has long history of plagiarism, bribery and perjury

Magda Nasrin Katona faces charges for deliberately falsifying the statement of a Syrian asylum seeker…

Justin Spike

Fear and loathing in Hungary’s judiciary

Judges say judiciary operates just like it did under communism: judges are not guaranteed independence…

Benjamin Novak

József Szájer admits to comparing refugees to zombies in town hall speech

He literally accused hvg.hu of slander and then admitted to making those remarks.

Benjamin Novak

Democratic Coalition starts campaign to strip dual-citizens of their right to vote

DK spokesperson Csaba Molnár called it “unfair and immoral” that dual-citizens who have never lived…

Balázs Pivarnyik

Gov’t to stuff churches with cash in run-up to election

It's a good thing these groups kept their mouths during the refugee crisis!

Benjamin Novak

A web of corruption enmeshes Budapest’s 9th district

Council property is given to politicians and their affiliates in Budapest's 9th district as some…

Balázs Pivarnyik

Figyelo: EU funds embezzled in Hungary

Winners with interesting backgrounds are found among the top 100 Hungarian owned companies. The Hungarian…

Budapest Sentinel

Nationalization of Hungarian credit union Takarekbank

On 27 June 2013 the Hungarian parliament passed a “special law”  effectively nationalizing the credit…

Benjamin Novak

Confessions of a Gyurcsány Supporter

“Hungary must be returned to the path of Democracy . . . the highest level…

Zoltán Kovács

Oxford professor Peter Rona bemoans unethical state of Hungarian politics

“Hungarian political, social, and economic life has reached rock bottom morally.” Hungarian Oxford Economics professor…

Richard Field

Felcsuti quits Together 2014

"Disappointed” over failure to put “personal ambitions” aside Former Raiffeisen Bank CEO and Hungarian Banking…

Richard Field

Habitat for Humanity speaks out on Hungary’s housing situation

In an interview on ATV’s Egyenes Beszéd (Straight Talk) broadcasted on 7 October 2013, Habitat…

Richard Field