András Giró-Szász pulls another vanishing act, only to reappear by Prime Minister’s side

November 18, 2015


Now you see him! Now you don’t!

András Giró-Szász has pulled yet another vanishing act, only to magically reappear at the side of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán! After recently resigning his post as the undersecretary for government communications, the former government spokesman is to return as a senior advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, reports.

Giró-Szász, a former employee of think-tank Századvég, resigned from his post as the undersecretary for government communication after it was announced in October that Fidesz MP and parliamentary delegation head Antal Rogán would receive his own ministry — the ministry of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister (not to be confused with the Ministry Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister led by János Lázár).  Some responsibilities of Lázár’s ministry were transferred to the Prime Minister’s new chief of staff, including government communication for which the government has reportedly budgeted some USD 92 million for 2016.

According to leftwing daily Népszabadság, Giró-Szász left his post because he found the new government structure unacceptable.

This is not the first time Giró-Szász has left one government communications-related job only to accept another one.  He served as official government spokesman under the second Orbán administration between September 2011 and May 2014, when he resigned his position to return to the “private sector”.   He resumed his career as an underpaid, overworked public servant in November 2014 as undersecretary for communications at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Prior to assuming his post, Giró-Száz had to once again divest himself of shares in Strategopolis Kft., a “strategic analyst and communication consulting” company he and two partners founded in 2006 with a penchant for landing lucrative government contracts.  It is not known whether Giró-Száz reacquired his shares since resigning as undersecretary for communications and, if so, whether he plans to once again divest himself of the shares before assuming his responsibilities as senior “advisor” to the Prime Minister.

Presumably this devoted public servant continues to be the 20 percent owner of Safe Port Project Kft., a real estate management company run by his brother-in-law that is joint-venturing the development of a HUF 3 billion (USD 8 million) 120-room hotel in the heart of historic Pest.  The building in question was purchased from Budapest’s fifth district government (under former mayor Antál Rogan) by an undisclosed Luxembourg buyer as part of a package of seven properties for HUF 2.7 billion in 2010.