Andy Vajna is doing better!

April 23, 2015

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Andy Vajna and Gábor Szima are performing better! reports that the two businessmen won seven casino concessions in 2014, essentially handing them Hungary’s entire online gambling market.

Their good fortune is thanks to a 1999 law which says that all online gambling in Hungary must be limited exclusively to companies operating in Hungary with a casino concession. Vajna’s luck, as it were, also comes from his close ties to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Vajna serves as Hungarian government film commissioner, having produced a number of blockbuster Hollywoods films, including Rambo.

István Schreiber, former president of the Hungarian Gambling Association, told that other online gambling websites would be forced to operate under Vajna’s company if they want to stay in business.

Vajna and Szima’s casino concessions will allow their company to contract with foreign gambling companies, which means that profits might ultimately flow out of the country. Schreiber says it’s likely that background deals might make Hungary’s already shady casino business even shadier.

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