Andy Vajna one step away from winning radio frequency

December 18, 2015

andy vajna - 01-FDA

Andy Vajna’s Radio Plus Kft. may walk away with a radio frequency without having to square off against a competitor, reports

According to, Radio Plus Kft. has applied to receive the frequency formerly belonging to Roxy Rádió. The only other company that applied for the frequency, Autórádió Műsorszolgáltató Kft., was disqualified from taking part in the tender for technical reasons.

Autórádió Műsorszolgáltató Kft. has since challenged the Media Council’s decision to disqualify it. Radio Plus Kft. will have to wait until February or March 2016 to finalize its acquisition of the frequency pending a decision by the court.

The next Fidesz media oligarch?

The American-Hungarian film producer currently serves as the government’s film commissioner.  He is also the exclusive owner/operator of all casinos in Hungary outside of Debrecen, being one of only two individuals licensed to operate casinos in Hungary.  Why the government stripped state lottery operator Szerencsejátêk Zrt. of the right to operate casinos, only to award this right to Andy Vajna and one other individual, continues to be a mystery.  Or maybe not.

Vajna recently purchased TV2 (a transaction that is still not finalized) with a EUR 21 million loan from Hungary’s export-import bank Eximbank.  Combined with a commercial radio station, Vajna looks set to join the pantheon of Fidesz media oligarchs who will doubtless toe the government line in exchange for lucrative government and state-owned company advertising contracts, compliments of Hungarian taxpayers.