Another propaganda campaign!

June 30, 2017

The Hungarian government has launched its latest propaganda campaign. Átlátszó.hu’s Vastagbőr blog recorded and posted (above) the government’s latest “public service announcement” commercial Friday morning.

99 percent reject illegal immigration. This is George Soros, the world’s most influential billionaire. He supports the settlement of illegal immigrants and would eliminate borders. This is outrageous! His policies would ruin Hungary. Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh! Commissioned by the Hungarian Government.”

The “99 percent” is a reference to the government’s most recent national consultation, aptly titled “Let’s Stop Brussels!”.

In 2016, the Hungarian government lost its own referendum on the anti-EU refugee quota after voter turnout did not reach the minimum threshold legally required for the referendum to be valid.

On Friday, Csaba Dömötör, an undersecretary with the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister (commonly referred to as the “propaganda ministry”), told pro-government propaganda outlet Magyar Idők the government’s latest campaign is built on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s own messages and that it would also be displayed on billboards.

At the end of the Magyar Idők article, its author cites Orbán as saying: “When it comes to Hungary’s security, there is no pardon. There is no making excuses, no philanthropic blabla, no liberal gobbledegook. There is only law, legislation, power, and defense.”