Antal Rogán says NAV chief Vida victim of “vile and baseless attacks”

July 25, 2015


Fidesz MP and parliamentary fraction leader Antal Rogán defended Hungary’s recently departed tax chief Ildikó Vida in an interview with pro-government newspaper Magyar Hírlap.

“Ildikó Vida was the target of all kinds of baseless and vile attacks. Never once was any evidence brought forth which would given credence to the accusations made by the US embassy’s chargé d’affaires,” Rogán told Magyar Hírlap.

Rogán himself has been the subject of numerous allegations concerning real estate transactions he orchestrated as mayor of Budapest’s V. District and the misuse of EU funds in the Heart of Budapest development project,   Furthermore, the powerful chairman of the parliamentary committee on economics has been accused of submitting asset declarations which fail to account for his wealth

The Fidesz fraction defended Vida back when these “baseless and vile attacks” were made and will continue to defend her, Rogán said.

Hungary’s new tax authority chief will provide the country an opportunity to usher in a new, more business-friendly tax administration, he said.

Regarding the fence Hungary is erecting along the country’s border with Serbia, Rogán said it is necessary to complete it by November because between 200-300,000 “illegal border crossers” will enter the country by end of the year.

The European Union has not provided a solution, so Hungary is forced to act alone, according to the Fidesz politician.