Anti-corruption crusader says government squandering HUF 13 billion on “flexible hours”

March 11, 2016


At his weekly press conference, anti-corruption opposition politician Ákos Hadházy revealed that the government had spent HUF 6 billion (USD 21.5 million) on a national program to introduce flexible working hours in Hungary.

He said that as well as the HUF 6 billion to date, the government intends to spend an additional HUF 7 billion (USD 25 million) during the current seven-year EU funding period.

The politician said that while the goal of introducing flexible working hours is worthy of support, most of the resources were not spent on support for companies but rather were paid to companies offering expert advice on the subject of flexible work hours.  He added that such companies were being paid HUF 10-12 million for 20-30 workdays worth of work.

Hadházy said that among the recipients of government subsidies within the framework of the program are the public transportation company of Kaposvár, an undertaker in Veszprém, a pub and the Pannonhalma Abbey.

“I would have told the reverends to go to church for mass but that otherwise they should write the words for this at home using their flexible work hours,” said the Politics Can Be Different (LMP) politician, who believes the money should be used to support real programs rather than  “phony programs”.