Armed soldiers patrol Budapest in wake of Paris terrorist attack

November 15, 2015

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“Following the terrorist attacks in France, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán decided:  Hungary’s protection must be strengthened. (. . . )  In the interest of increasing the security of Hungarians, reinforced, armed units of the Hungarian Defense Forces will patrol Budapest in areas of elevated importance, main transportation junctions, and areas drawing crowds”. – Hungarian Defense Forces Facebook page

“It’s an experience and the sight for then marching past my son with firm footsteps and guns on their backs, but at the same time it stir in me a feeling that was fearful and worrisome.” – HVG reader

“In place of its party congress, the prime minister’s political crew is meeting late Sunday afternoon to discuss the domestic political consequences of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.  . . . In addition to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Antal Rogán, the ministerial head of the Prime Minister’s cabinet, Árpád Habony, the head of government’s closest advisor, Bence Tuzson, communication undersecretary, Gábor Kubatov, (Fidesz) party director, and Lajos Kósa, (Fidesz) parliamentary whip, are also participating in the discussion.  The main question for discussion: how to change the party’s communication to date with regard to the migration question in light of the terrorist attacks.”  – Daily online