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Billboards ridiculing Hungarian government appear in Szombathely

Billboards mocking the Hungarian government’s xenophobic billboards were erected in the city of Szombathely Thursday night.. It isn’t known who paid for them.

One billboard reads, “If you come to Hungary, would it not be possible for you to bring a sane prime minister?”

Another billboard reads, “If you come to live in Hungary, at least fill out the national consultation questionnaire before you go work in Austria….please”.

The government’s own xenophobic billboards are under constant threat of being defaced by political and civil activists.

Earlier this week a campaign was launched by the Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (Kétfarkú Kutya Párt) and Hungarian blog Vastagbőr (Thick Skin) who announced their intention to collect HUF 3 million to launch a counter billboard campaign against the government’s own. Almost HUF 30 million has been donated thus far, but the campaign isn’t set to start until July 1st.

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Fotók: Szombathelyen már kikerültek az első ellenplakátok, HVG.hu; 12 June 2015.


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