Bishop Kiss-Rigó: The Pope has no idea what he’s talking about

September 9, 2015

Bishop László Kiss-Rigó, Photo:
Bishop László Kiss-Rigó, Photo:

László Kiss-Rigó, bishop of the Szeged-Csanádi archdiocese, thinks refugees entering Hungary are not refugees but “invaders”.  The bishop agrees completely with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and thinks that Pope Francis has no idea what is happening in Hungary.

Kiss-Rigó does not share the Pope’s view that Catholics must help the refugees. The bishop recently told the Washington Post “they are not refugees, this is an invasion”.

The bishop’s insecurities are exacerbated further when he sees refugees chanting “Allah akbar”. All this leads him to stand in full agreement with the Prime Minister’s statements that Europe’s Christian culture is at risk of being inundated by hordes of Muslim refugees.

“I completely agree with the Prime Minister,” Kiss-Rigó told the Washington Post before lambasting the Pope for being unfamiliar with the situation in Hungary.

Kiss-Rigó thinks it is foolish to provide aid to Syrian refugees because most of them have money. His statements echo statements recently made by Hungarian Baptist Aid president Pastor Sándor Szenczy.

Due to the financial dependency of state-recognized churches on the state, Kiss-Rigó’s statement reflects a willingness to put deference to the government of Hungary before defense of the Vatican.

Hungary’s churches have come under fire recently for their failure to openly criticize Orbán’s attempts to demonize refugees arriving from war-torn regions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Bishop Kiss-Rigó has also drawn criticism in the past for his plans to use a company owned by his diocese to build a stadium on land otherwise designated for the construction of a family and youth recreational center.