“This blockade will give Orban a stroke!” – Buki

January 22, 2015


Zoltan Buki, founder of the Facebook event “Blockage against the toll roads and for Hungarian Democracy”, promises a carpocalypse unlike anything Hungary has seen since taxi cab drivers protesting rising fuel costs blockaded streets in Budapest in 1990: a countrywide blockade of highways.

The decision to move forward with the nation-wide road blockage comes after protest organizers were unable to enter into talks with a Prime Minister’s Office state secretary regarding their demands.

HVG.hu reports that conflict between the organizers of the blockade has resulted in several members leaving the group (and threatening to block one another’s driveways, just kidding!-ed), and may detract from the overall scheme.  Thus far, the blockade’s Facebook event page has managed to draw over 6,700 users who promise to attend but the numbers are unreliable.

Buki tells HVG.hu that state secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office Simon L. Laszlo called him on the day of the deadline for talks and said, “Well then, let’s discuss a time when we can work things out!”

Buki believes that Simon L. Laszlo gave the impression he wanted to avoid an immediate meeting and instead proposed to meet at some point in the future. “It’s clear that they just wanted to run out the clock. It was completely meaningless to continue with Simon L. Laszlo,” says Buki.

He warns that roads will be blocked on 1 March starting at 5pm. Meetings are taking place and planning committees are being set up to coordinate the blockades. The planning committees will be responsible for deciding the exact locations and Buki himself will inform local law enforcement agencies.

Contrary to rumors, he says, the countrywide protest won’t be an attempt to slow traffic or cause minimal congestion on the road. The organizers are planning a full blockade but plan it so that “everyone makes it home from their workplace, kindergarten and school”.

“This blockade will give [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán a stroke!” – Buki says.

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