Bokros: Orbán is a fascist

July 3, 2017

Chairman of the micro party Movement for a Modern Hungary (MOMA) Lajos Bokros has penned an open letter in which he declares that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a fascist. Bokros, the former Minister of Finance for the socialist Gyula Horn government, wrote the letter in response to a recently implemented government propaganda campaign which features a laughing George Soros and the text, “99% reject illegal immigration. We won’t let Soros have the last laugh!”

The campaign also includes a television spot which declares that Soros “supports the settlement of illegal immigrants and would eliminate borders. This is outrageous! His policies would ruin Hungary. We won’t let Soros have the last laugh! Commissioned by the Hungarian Government.”

Bokros asserts in his letter that the ads are an example of open anti-semitism, and suggests that the government has reached a new “Goebbels level” with the campaign, referring to the notorious Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Here is a translation of Bokros’ letter:

The mask comes off

The streets of Budapest are now inundated with hateful government propaganda posters decorated with the face of George Soros. Once more, the ridiculous national consultation is the theme, in which a supposed 99 percent of the Hungarian people reject the settlement of illegal immigrants.

Two weeks ago, I wrote regarding the previous posters that things couldn’t go any lower. I was wrong.

Government lies are nothing new. The newest posters again suggest that the European Union and George Soros are encouraging illegal immigrants to move in. However, only the distribution of refugees is being discussed, which, based on international agreements signed by our country a long time ago, we are obliged to accept. (And anyway, no one else really wants to come here.)

It’s not new either that the government steals. On taxpayer money and as a government message, it conveys the fascist-inspired lies and untrue Fidesz propaganda.

What’s new is the open Goebbels level. The Jewish banker that destroyed England and grows fat off the people, and who undermines the sovereignty of nations, is now breaking into the life of the Hungarian nation.

Open anti-semitic propaganda based on lies = fascism.

It must finally be said, and that’s why I say it: Hungary’s prime minister is a fascist. The Hungarian government, funding its lies with taxpayer money, has elevated incitement to hatred to the rank of state policy.

The government has gone crazy, I wrote earlier. Indeed, but this craziness is life threatening. What could possibly be the goal? To push the country into a bloody civil war in the wake of obvious government failures just so Fidesz can continue to rule and steal?

The time has come for all honorable Hungarian citizens to raise their voices against the fascist propaganda of this nation-losing government. No one should be able to say that they didn’t know what’s going on here.

Movement for a Modern Hungary condemns in the strongest possible terms the fascist Fidesz criminal organization’s newest soul-and-mind poisoning action.

Lajos Bokros


Movement for a Modern Hungary