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Hungarian expats react to Brexit

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

The Beacon visited London in late 2015 to interview Hungarians living in the United Kingdom, including acclaimed poet and literary translator George Szirtes and young playwright and political activist Anna Gát.

Anna, who has been living in the UK for only a few years, posted this at 9am Friday morning:

Anna posted this a few minutes later on Facebook:

George Szirtes, who had actively campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU, posted the following poem to his Facebook page Friday morning:

Now strut about your bunker,

Your disenchanted grove.
Welcome to your paradise
Of Boris, Farage and Gove.

Now watch the rest of Europe
Falling apart again,
Landing in the smelly laps
Of Wilders and Le Pen.

Now inspect the damage,
Now survey the wreck,
Now pick up your shovel
And clear up your own dreck.

And now that Donald Trump
Is safely on his way,
Go clink a glass with him.
It’s Independence Day!


Benjamin Novak :