“Brussels wants to put the Soros Plan into high gear,” says Fidesz VP Szilárd Németh

September 28, 2017

"Brussels wants to put the Soros Plan into high gear,” says Fidesz VP Szilárd Németh
Photo: Index.hu/István Huszti

Fidesz vice-president Szilárd Németh held a press conference Thursday to announce that never before has a national consultation been as important as it is now. Magyar Nemzet summarized the main takeaways of Németh’s talking points.

Prepare yourselves.

“Brussels wants to put the Soros Plan into high gear,” Németh said.

According to Németh, Brussels has made it abundantly clear that the 120,000-person quota for resettling asylum-seekers across Europe is not a one-time thing, and that it really intends on distributing an additional 50,000 people.

“[European Commissioner Dimitris] Avramopoulos said they are no longer thinking about just those people on the islands, they are thinking about those from black Africa (sic) and other nations, that they need to bring those people in,” he said.

According to Németh, “Brussels is forcing this like a deaf person presses [a doorbell].”

The Fidesz VP said the EU is attempting to blackmail Hungary by withholding structural funds, but “we are entitled [to the EU money]. They can’t just turn off the money-faucet. It isn’t that simple. This isn’t Moscow yet.”

Németh reportedly then cracked a communist-era joke about Russians sending a trainload of strudel to the Poles, but the Poles found all the cargo cars empty upon the train’s arrival. All they saw was a note which read: Those who do not step in unison will not get strudel in the evening.

“I do not think the European Union should operate in this manner,” he said.

According to Németh, “the Hungarian government needs to know that the Hungarian people continue to stand behind it in these violent and threatening times as the execution of the Soros Plan is being accelerated.”

Responding to a question on why it might be in George Soros’ interest to bring illegal immigrants into Europe, he called Soros “a billionaire bookmaker” who profits on everything without any moral concerns.

When asked whether – in retrospect – it was a good idea to join the EU, Németh said it was a good idea to join because the EU helped Hungary accomplish a lot.

“And this is what we must protect, all that we have worked for over the past decade.”