Budapest District 9 toxic waste to be removed by year end

June 2, 2015


More than 1,000 barrels of hazardous materials have been removed from the grounds of the defunct Budapest Chemical Works in Budapest’s District 9, said the city’s national government’s representative Richárd Tarnai at a press conference on Monday.

Tarnai said 1,005 barrels of hazardous waste weighing more than 110 tons had been removed in less than one month.  Originally the government had promised to remove 170 tons of toxic waste by the end of May.

The government has issued an extraordinary public tender to remove the remaining 2560 tons of waste. Tarnai said the government’s goal is to remove all toxic waste from the site by the end of the year.

He said testing on April 28 concluded that toxic materials had contaminated the ground soil and were bordering on levels that could potentially pose a public health threat.

Tarnai said János Lázár, the minister overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister, was notified of the test results and personally called for a resolution to the problem. The waste is being incinerated at a plant in Dorog.

After the press conference, opposition party Together’s District 9 city council representative Krisztina Baranyi told members of the press she was satisfied with the clean-up so far and supported selecting a company to remove the remaining waste through an extraordinary public tender because a normal one would take too long.

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