Chief of Hungary’s Green Authority resigns over accreditation scandal

December 13, 2013


The head of Hungary’s Green Authority, Mrs. Janos Tolnai  (a.k.a. “Dr.” Katalin Szatmari), resigned from her post on Wednesday over growing controversy regarding her professional and academic credentials.

“I will be cleared of the allegations and personal attacks directed at me. I cannot put the minister, the Ministry of Rural Development, or the [Green Authority] in a position where they must defend against these allegations instead of concentrating on effective professional work,“ said Tolnai in a statement released to the public.

Last month we interviewed Javor Benedek, an MP with Hungarian opposition party Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd Magyarországért), about Szatmari’s work as head of Hungary’s Green Authority.

Javor shared his concerns about the Green Authority’s administration, its lack of transparency, and inefficient operations. He also spoke about the controversy surrounding the professional and academic credentials of the agency’s head.

Tolnai’s college credentials, language certificate, and professional credentials were called into question when it was revealed that the college from which she claimed to have received her degree denied ever having issued one to her.  It was later revealed that both Tolnai’s language certificate and her “honorary doctorate” were fakes, the latter issued by a fake university run by the same fake chivalric order that conned Frank Sinatra into giving pro-bono performances.

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