Children’s hospice struggling to make ends meet

July 14, 2016

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Hungary’s first children’s hospice is struggling to make ends meet, reports Hungarian print daily Magyar Nemzet. The so-called “Dóri House”, operating in the southern town of Pécs, has long relied on private and company donations as well as grants for support. Terminally ill children may stay in the hospice for as long as 5-10 years, with a foundation covering their expenses 21 days a month.

No money for wages

Even so, Dóri House is constantly suffering from financial problems. Bernadett Gyura, chairman of the foundation (Szemem Fénye Alapítvány), told Magyar Nemzet that they are often unable to pay wages to nurses, doctors and therapists, and even electricity was shut down once because they could not pay the bills.

Last year, the introduction of a new law allowed social security money to be transferred the two children’s hospices in the country, which would make finances easier, but to this date, neither Dóri House nor Tábítha House operating in Törökbálint have received any money.

Gábor Benyó, director of Tábitha House warned that the existence of such institutions is indispensable, as no hospitals offer palliative care for children in Hungary.