City Park protestor undergoes surgery after being attacked by security guard

July 8, 2016

Civil and political activist Márton Gulyás removing a sign earlier this year
Civil and political activist Márton Gulyás removing a sign earlier this year

One of the activists of Ligetvédők (Park Protectors), the civil group protecting Budapest’s City Park, underwent surgery to fix a broken finger after he was hit by a security guard.

Márton Gulyás, a civil and political activist and host of the internet show Slejm – a torkon ragadt politika (Slime – politics gets stuck in your throat), posted an update on his Facebook page this morning. Gulyás claimed one of the security guards protecting the park hit him with his hard cap, causing a bone fragment to dislodge in his finger. He underwent surgery that evening.

The activist told Hungarian news website he attended Wednesday demonstrations because he had been following the fate of the City Park for years. As previously reported by the Budapest Beacon, demonstrators tried to hinder the demolition of buildings by chaining themselves to trees and lying in front of heavy machinery. Many of them were taken away by police.

Hospital alerted police

During the afternoon, some activists went back to their sealed-off headquarters trying to collect their personal belongings. It was there that Gulyás decided to cut a hole in the canvas fence to see what was happening inside. While doing so, a security guard hit him with his hard cap.

“It hurt a lot but I only realized it might be something serious after being examined,” he said.

The activist went to hospital where doctors told him a bone fragment has dislodged in his finger.

As the case is considered to be serious bodily harm, hospital staff alerted police, who took Gulyás’s statement.

Brawl in the park

Ligetvédők organized the evening demonstration to protest against the rebuilding of City Park. The event was attended by 500 people, including artists and opposition politicians. Later on, a brawl broke out between activists and security guards in front of the sealed-off area of their former HQ, with police having to intervene.