Mayors of major Hungarian cities to attend anti-quota conference in Budapest on January 12th

January 8, 2018

Photo: Facebook/Szita Károly

Kaposvár mayor and president of the Alliance of the Seats of County Government (MJVSZ), Károly Szita has invited fellow mayors to a conference in Budapest on January 12th, the purpose of which is to affirm the government’s steadfast opposition to the temporary settlement of asylum-seekers, reports The conference is to be held at the same 9th district venue used by Fidesz during the 2010 and 2014 general elections.

In the letter sent to MJVSZ membership inviting them to the “meeting and exchange of views,” Szita writes:

“In fortunate historical times a mayor hardly needs to think about how to protect the community in its settlement that has evolved over the course of several centuries of national tradition and culture. Unfortunately, today we do not live in such times! Because while our villages and cities stand before an unprecedented opportunity for development, at the same time we are facing a larger threat than ever before.  Given that Brussels continues to insist on its settlement quota without upper limits, György Soros’s ‘civilians’ have started preparing for the settlement in our homeland, the possibility remains that large numbers of migrant arrive to Hungary.”

Index writes that the “best part of the letter is when Szita asks his mayor colleagues to bring along their city standards, so a group photograph is likely in the works.”

According to the online daily, ‘the Fidesz mayor’s letter does not appear out of thin air, but is part of the government’s deliberate communication policy,” which seeks to “keep the Soros theme warm together with the conclusions of the anti-Soros national consultation through the mayors of large cities.”