Cold and hungry, asylum seekers trapped in Serbia wait in vain for food

September 16, 2015

Families with young children prevented from entering Hungary are hungry and cold   Photo: Ben Novak
Families with young children locked out of Hungary are hungry and cold, reports   Photo: Ben Novak

Hungarian volunteers were prevented by Serbian border guards last night from delivering desperately needed food to refugees stranded in the no-man’s land just south of the Hungarian border, which was practically closed to asylum seekers on Tuesday.

Activists on both sides of the border told there is a desperate need for food and blankets as there are a large number of families with children who are hungry and cold.

Civil activists had collected enough food for one thousand people, including rolls, cheese, green pepper and fruit.  Despite attempting to transport the food into Serbia at two separate border crossings, they were denied entry at both locations. reports that at Röszke one policeman told them “You should rather feed poor people in Hungary.”  Which is what they ended up doing.

The Let’s Help the Refugees Together (Segítsünk Együtt a Menekülteknek) Facebook group subsequently announced that it would distribute the food to poor Hungarians living in a village and to homeless people in capital city.