Constitutional Court forms special working group for Lex CEU case

May 31, 2017

The Constitutional Court (AB) is creating a special working group to examine the recently passed modifications to Hungary’s law on higher education, also known as Lex CEU. According to, the AB only assembles such a group when the court’s chairman determines that the complexities of a case it will hear require special, professional examination.

The formation of the working group, an exceptionally rare occurrence, suggests that AB chairman Tamás Sulyok considers Lex CEU to be such a case.

Materials assembled by the working group will assist the Constitutional Court in ruling on the controversial higher education law. The participation of the group in the case does not necessarily delay the court in reaching a decision. The AB could, therefore, pass a judgement before July 15, when the court begins a six-week recess.

A quick decision by the AB might be the only chance the Lex CEU opponents have to see it struck down in the near future. The Venice Commission, an advisory body of the Council of Europe, will reportedly only make a determination on the legality of the law in October.

The case was brought before the AB by opposition parties after Lex CEU, disadvantaging Central European University in Budapest, was formally passed by President János Áder in April.