Country Assembly Movement launches “No Compromise Party”

May 7, 2015


“If nothing changes, Hungary will fall into the hands of Nazis.” – Gábor “Taureg” Szabó

Required to remove their protest camp from Kossuth square for good at the end of April, Country Assembly Movement (OGYM) leader Gábor “Tuareg” Szabó announced on Wednesday, March 24th ,that his movement had registered a a political party, the  “No Compromise Party” (“Nincs Alku Párt”).

Szabó and his followers started camping out in the Kossuth square in front of parliament shortly after Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s infamous “illiberal democracy” speech at Baile Tusnad in July 2014.  They did so to call attention to the fact that Hungarian democracy is under threat.  On several occasions, police temporarily demolished the encampment–unlawfully, according to the courts.  However, OGYM’s most recent application for a permit to continue their protest in front of parliament was rejected by the police.  The decision was upheld by the court, which ruled that permanently residing in a public area is “beyond the scope of freedom of expression.”

Making a virtue out of a necessity

On Monday Szabó wrote in his blog: “There are two ways to handle this situation: to go back or to move ahead. We choose the latter.” In his opinion the opposition parties “will not risk their parliamentary mandates and the opportunity to fill the party and individual cashboxes over such tiny things as the falling apart of the country”.

“The lack of credible democratic politics throughout the world strengthens extremism,” says Szabó.  So much so that in his opinion the question is no longer how to expel Orbán but how to prevent Jobbik from coming to power.  “If nothing changes Hungary will fall into the hands of Nazis,” warns Szabó.

He says far-right Jobbik has to be attacked at at its weakest point, which he believes is the fact that they are in the Fidesz-KDNP controlled parliament as “bio-decor”. “If they are the alternative, then what are they doing in the puppet-show of the dictatorship?” asks the political activist.  In his opinion the other opposition MPs are little better and should resign rather than participate in the country’s destruction.

Tuareg’s “No Compromise Party”  (NAP) has 33 founding members who elected him chairman.  Not surprisingly, he was the only candidate nominated for the position.  Two other former OGYM members were each elected vice-president.

The party’s articles of incorporation provide for the following:

1. The aim of the party is to return Hungarian politics to the basic moral norms in order to stop society from disintegrating further.
2. The party fights for the democratic rule of law and restoration of the European values,  It demands that powers be separated to prevent the elimination of “all-embracing political influence.”
3. Alliances will only be made with private persons and organizations who share the same moral and political values in practice and are prepared to represent them “free of political expediency”.
4. The party will participate in the national election process but will only accept the mandates if it can win the support of the majority for its basic principles.
5. The party is to function in a democratic manner: the candidates are picked by the local chapters free of influence from the national chapter.
6. The party constitution is part of the Articles and cannot be changed.