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Country for All Movement: Orbán must go!

The following press statement was sent to the Budapest Beacon early this morning. We are publishing our rough translation with a few explanatory comments as a courtesy to our readers. The fact that we do so should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the views contained therein.

Final announcement before the elections: Péter Márki-Zay (recently elected independent mayor of Hódmezővásárhely-tran.), V18 group, Goodbye Two-Thirds! (Viszlát Kétharmad!), taktikaiszavazás.hu (“tacticalvoting.hu”), Apply Pressure Yourself Too! (Nyomtass Te Is!), and the Country for All Movement (Közös Ország Mozgalom).

Medián’s final public opinion poll results before the 2018 election arrived Saturday evening. The results prove that the future of our democracy is at stake tomorrow.  The most important findings of the public opinion research that every Hungarian voter needs to know:

  1. Support for Fidesz is decreasing: Voters across the country see through Orbán’s unbridled lies and fear-mongering. The majority of the nation clearly wants a new government.
  2. Despite the fact that the majority of people are opposed to them, Fidesz is close to achieving a two-thirds parliamentary majority thanks to its divide and conquer strategy. This would give Orbán unlimited authority to, among other things, wind up the independence of the judiciary, steal or simply cancel municipal elections, and further enrich his oligarchs. If Orbán gets a two-thirds majority in parliament then it means the end of our democracy.
  3. Fidesz’s two-thirds depends on but a few districts. There are many dozens of districts where the outcome of the election is not clear. This means that individual votes can determine the results in any district. If we succeed in defeating Fidesz in 40-45 districts, then it would become a minority in parliament.

Your vote counts: it can either save our country or change it into a dictatorship.

Never since the system change (of 1989-tran.) have the votes of individual people counted for so much. Never has each and every Hungarian voter borne such responsibility for wisely casting his or her vote.

The most important thing for all of us is that tomorrow we vote for the candidate who has the greatest chance of defeating Fidesz in that electoral district. If someone does not know who the candidate with the best chance is, search for the candidate at www.orbannakmenniekell.hu before you go to vote. The website shows the most recent independent surveys and expert analyses, and shows based on the candidacy withdrawals which candidates have the best chances in which electoral districts.

Caution! News is spreading that they are trying to trick voters into believing that they may only vote for the national list of the party to which the candidate they support belongs.

This is not true!  Everyone can freely choose which party’s list to vote for and which individual candidate to vote for. Everyone should divide the two votes in a manner so that they vote for the candidate with the best prospects, and the party that is closest to their heart.

The “Orbán must go!” campaign is a broad union ranging from former Fidesz members to leftwing activists. In the past our opinions differed on many things, and it is certain that in the future we will have differences of opinion. But today we must put all of this aside and come together for what is best for all of us: a free, respectable, and just Hungary.

Now this is what is most important: Orbán must go!

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