Court acquits officers of attempting to cover up Roma murders

September 15, 2016


Four military counter-intelligence officers have been acquitted of deliberately misleading investigators looking into a series of related murders of Roma in Hungary in 2008 and 2009, reports Népszabadság.

The serial murder streak claimed six lives, including a four-year-old and his father gunned down as they were fleeing their burning house that the assailants had set on fire.

In 2015, a second-level court upheld the conviction of the skinheads responsible for the serial murders.

The military counter-intelligence connection

According to Népszabadság, numerous investigations tied to the Roma murders all pointed at “the military counter-intelligence providing fraudulent response and reports in order to not help the [murder] investigation, to put it lightly.”

Three generals and one lieutenant-colonel from the Hungarian military were charged with forging official documents from their official capacity.

For example, the accused military officers did not tell investigators that one of the suspects in the Roma murders case, István Csontos, was a former informant for military intelligence. Furthermore, the military officers provided investigators with false information.

Both the investigation into fraudulent statements by the military officers and their subsequent trial took place behind closed doors, so not much else is known about the case.

The military officers were charged based on an internal investigation ordered in 2013 by then-Defense Minister Csaba Hende. According to the Military Security Agency report, the accused withheld important information from investigators looking into Roma murders.