Court rules János Lázár must disclose information on trips

May 22, 2015

Giró-Szász András; Lázár János

The Budapest Regional Court has ruled that the Office of the Prime Minister must provide details of regarding meetings minister János Lázár attended outside the country, writes Hungarian investigative news site

Direkt36 cofounder and investigative journalist András Pethő filed the freedom of information lawsuits in order to uncover details regarding two meetings that took place in 2013, one in Switzerland and one in Italy.

The Budapest Regional Court ruled in favor of Pethő and ordered the Office of the Prime Minister to provide details of who Lázár met with, who called for the meetings, why the meetings were attended, and what was discussed at the meetings.

The ruling is not yet legally binding and the Prime Minister’s Office has the option to appeal the decision.

A series of articles penned by András Pethő a year ago on the Chancellor’s expensive trips abroad resulted in the dismissal of editor-in-chief Gergő Sáling which, in turn, prompted most of its news room to resign.

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