Court upholds citation of Two-Tailed Dog Party activists for painting road cracks

August 8, 2017

Photo: Facebook/Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt

The Szombathely District Court has upheld a local citation for sanitation misdemeanor given to two Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (MKKP) activists who painted cracked pavements in the west Hungarian city, reports

MKKP activists wanted to raise the citizens’ and the council’s attention that road markings and pedestrian crossings have been badly abraded. Instead of correcting the marked errors, the authority responsible for road and pavement maintenance filed a report against the activists. The Vas County Government Office cited the activists, who appealed to the Szombathely District Court.

Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party activists have been painting cracked pavements with colored paint all over the county to raise citizens’ attention to how worn down and neglected public spaces are. notes that many municipal councils put tremendous effort into punishing or at least deterring MKKP activists.

In Kaposvár, the council issued a regulation that prohibits asphalt painting, after which MKKP activists started to fill cracks with grout. In Pécs, representatives of the company responsible for the maintenance of public spaces called the police to apprehend MKKP activists. In Székesfehérvár, authorities removed the paint from the cracks. In Budapest’s 6th district the district council allegedly ordered public workers to remove MKKP’s posters during the campaign for last year’s referendum on immigration.