Court upholds sentence of activist Márton Gulyás

January 19, 2017

Photo: Tamás Botos

A Hungarian court upheld an earlier decision that civil activist and Slejm show host Márton Gulyás (pictured above) committed an act of vandalism when he pried the sign off the National Election Office (NVI) in protest last February. The court’s final decision, which it handed down Tuesday, means that Gulyás is fined HUF 41,800 (USD 145) and put on probation for one year, reports

Gulyás’ crime took place following the scandal at the NVI when a group of skinheads prevented Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) politician István Nyakó from being the first to submit a referendum question regarding the controversial Sunday store closure law. In an act of “civil disobedience” and in protest at what Gulyás called the NVI’s undermining of a fundamental democratic institution, he and others adhered small signs on the National Election Office building which read, “Due to the public administration reforms and in the interest of preventing further acts of disorderly conduct, this agency is now closed. Democracy has been suspended.” After the signs were put up, Gulyás grabbed some tools he had brought with him and pried the National Election Office’s sign off the wall of the building.

He is the only individual to be charged in the case. None of the skinheads who prevented Nyakó from entering the NVI have been arrested or charged.