Criminal complaint filed by opposition party PM over RTL Klub ban from parliament

November 24, 2015


Hungarian opposition party Dialogue for Hungary (PM) has filed a criminal complaint with Budapest prosecutors over the decision by National Assembly President László Kövér (pictured) to ban reporters working for RTL Klub from entering the Hungarian parliament. The complaint was filed against “unknown assailants”.

PM’s action was announced Tuesday during a press conference held by party co-chair Tímea Szabó, reports Hungarian news site

The opposition MP said the Speaker’s decision to ban RTL Klub’s reporters not only goes against freedom of the press and free speech, it also shakes the very foundation of the rule of law.

Szabó called on Kövér to rescind the ban, calling it an “abuse of power”.  According to her, Hungary’s criminal code provides for officials who abuse their power to be punished by up to three years in prison.

Szabó said the ban represents an unlawful attempt by the Hungarian government to silence its critics.