"Dear fellow countryman and pensioner"

December 13, 2016

The following letter accompanied a HUF 10,000 voucher sent to every one of Hungary’s 2.8 million pensioners in December 2016:

Dear fellow countryman and pensioner:

In recent years the Hungarians have proven that they are capable of achieving great things when they come together.  The economy today is on an upward path, more are living from work instead of assistance, and salaries are worth more and more.  Hungary is also strengthening today.

This result is our mutual success.

The century we leave behind us was a period of human trial.  Entire lives had to start over from nothing.  The country – thanks to your work – was able to get back on its feet time and time again.  The work of generations preceding us is also in the successes of today.  We must never forget this.

The government, and I personally as well, does everything it can to provide effective support to the older generations.  It was for this reason that we previously decided to decrease household utility costs, and this is why we made it possible for women to retire after 40 years of work.

Since the Hungarian economy is performing better this year than expected, we made some decisions.  For of all, we are sending an Erzsébet voucher to every pensioner.  In addition from January the value added tax on the most important foodstuffs will significantly decrease, and we will increase pensions more than planned.

We would like to honor those who worked for decades in order that the country could stand on its feet and strengthen.  Hungarian pensioners can continue to count on the government.

Wishing you good health.

Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister of Hungary