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Democratic Coalition to hold internal party vote on cooperation with other parties

The Democratic Coalition (DK) will hold an internal vote among its members to determine whether the party should form a coalition with other opposition parties in the 2018 election, according to a statement by DK vice-president Csaba Molnár (above) who is also a Member of the European Parliament.

The internet-based vote will begin on Friday and last six days. All DK party members will be eligible to vote, and the results will be announced next Friday.

DK members will be asked to decide on two questions:

Do you agree that, in the interests of defeating Fidesz, Democratic Coalition should continue negotiations with other democratic opposition parties about coordination of candidates in all 106 individual National Assembly electoral districts?

Do you agree that Democratic Coalition should not conclude agreements with other parties on running on a common voting list if a condition of that cooperation is that DK chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány should not appear on the common list?

DK president and former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has called for “cooperation of the entire democratic opposition”, but for that coalition to run individual candidates for the National Assembly in each electoral district. However, several other opposition parties, most notably the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) under its prime ministerial candidate László Botka, are adamant that Gyurcsány not appear on a common list of candidates in any of the 106 electoral districts. Együtt (Togetherí) and Párbeszéd (Dialogue for Hungary) have also refused to cooperate with DK unless Gyurcsány agrees not to run for public office.

According to DK’s Molnár, the only chance for the opposition in next spring’s election is if a single opposition candidate runs in each of the 106 districts.


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